Savannah Ecklar is 27 years old. Born in the small town of Cynthiana Kentucky. She has been writing music and performing since she was a child. She began the project of Mother Runaway in 2018. She has self produced and released two singles. The first being “Apples” a song that explores the portrayal of women throughout history in the role of the evil temptress and her take on that. The second being the song “Lux”. The title taken from the character of the 1993 book Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenids. This song is meant to portray the essence of what it is to be feminine and the expectations she feels women often have to be selfless. She uses ostinatos throughout the entire song to try and create an enchanting, dream like state of mind for her listeners. Watch her self produced music video for this here. Co-directed and filmed by Cameron Whaley. Savannah will be releasing her full length record “Champagne Heart” Spring 2020.